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What if I arrive on the dot at the entrance at the start of class?

Sorry. We have to decline your entry as you still need to go through temperature check, putting your belongings in locker area etc. So we won’t let you in. In such case, please do not get mad with our front desk as they are following the SOP strictly and carefully for the good of everyone’s safety and also be in compliant with the law. Please arrive to class at least 15 minutes before start time to get through the compulsory check in process and be at your mat before the start of the class. Our classes start on time.

Do I need to wear mask while doing yoga?

You will need to wear mask to be permitted entry and you will need to keep your mask on at the common area except when you are in the practice room, positioned at your own practice mat. During class, you can remove your mask. Please safe keep your mask without laying it on the floor or your mat. On the same note, if you are carrying tissues, please ensure not to expose your used tissues on the floor and have a small disposal covered unit to keep your mask and tissues. After the class finishes, please wear your mask as soon as you step out from the practice room.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat and yoga props to class?

We provide sanitised sterilised yoga mat for use but yoga props such as blocks, strap and guasha plate will be suspended till further notice. You are free to bring your yoga mat and please ensure you have thoroughly sanitised your mat before bringing into the studio room. Likewise, for yoga props, you are free to bring your own props that are clean and sanitised.

How do you manage the social distancing at locker area?

Only maximum 4 persons are allowed in the female locker/shower area at any one time and only maximum 2 persons are allowed in the male locker/shower area at any one time. There are clear markings on the floor to indicate the social distancing of at least 3 feets distance. Please observe the social distancing. Shower is limited to maximum 15 minutes per person.

Can I call in to book class?

We won’t be accepting any booking via phone nor walk-in. Class must be pre-booked where you have to personally attest to a COVID-19 travel history and health declaration during the booking process. We will not permit anyone who cannot confirm their status to enter the studio.

Do you provide towels?

Our towels are washed with organic detergents and disinfectants that are non-harmful to skin and environment and we wash them right at the studio. Hence, we are certain about the cleanliness and handling of these towels in order to provide you with clean towels without the fear of contamination during transport if the towels are washed elsewhere. We will provide 1 big mat towel and 1 face towel as standard procedure for your practice and also 1 white towel for shower if you need to shower. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own clean towels for use especially if you need more towels for practice/shower.

Can I shower?

We encourage you to leave the studio as soon as you finish your class. Should you need to shower, you are limited to 15 minutes. Please refrain from socialising or spending extended time in the locker area.

Is your aircon centralised system with the shopping mall?

We don’t use air-conditioning during classes. The air-conditioning available at the common area is a standalone, independent compressor and filter unit for the studio i.e. it’s not linked to any centralised system .