Attending a Class

01 - No Shoes/Bags

No shoes and bags in the studios. Please place shoes at designated shoe racks and your bags in the lockers.

02 - No Cellphones

Cellphones are NOT permitted in the studios. If you are expecting an important call, the front desk will hold your phone while you practice.

03 - No Late Comers

No late admittance to class. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before class to give your-self time to settle into your space.

04 - Silence

Observe silence in the studios. Catch up with teachers and friends only before and after class in designated waiting area outside the studios.

05 - No Fragrance

Minimise personal fragrances. Keep personal hygiene. Wear fresh clothes and avoid perfumes scented lotion and oils.

06 - Stay the entire Class

Please do not leave the class mid-way. It is fine to take a rest during your practice like sitting quietly on your mat. Always do the final savasana (final resting pose).

07 -Respect Teacher

Follow instructions and respect your teacher. Try your best without hurting yourself. Consciously stay with the teacher. Be Present.

08 - No moving of Mats

Ensure your have space to practice and respect other’s sanctuary. Do not move or remove pre-aranged mats in the studio. Do not step on other people’s at. Treat others and your mat as sacred sanctuary.