26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Hot Yoga teacher training

Date: 5 Dec 2022 – 29 Jun 2023

This is a thorough apprenticeship-style training for a small group of future hot yoga teachers. Our training is focused on learning how to effectively teach the 26&2 series with a set of thorough instructions that are memorized verbatim. This training is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified program directed by Esak Garcia. The training is divided into three parts:

1) one-on-one coaching for memorizing instructions over a period of three months beginning December 5, 2023.

2) A three week intensive training in Kuala Lumpur, from March 8-28, 2023, during which each student teaches a minimum of 4 classes to the public, and as a group we study posture technique, teaching skills, voice and public speaking, anatomy and physiology, and yoga philosophy.

3) a three month practicum period from March 29-June 29, 2023 during which each student teaches 2 classes per week to the public for 24 consecutive weeks. All of our workshops, lectures, and classes will have an intimate feel. Our promise is to provide you with the training and support that you need to become a successful teacher of this powerful yoga sequence.

This training will be led in-person by Esak Garcia.

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